Saturday, May 17, 2008

Radical Debt Elimination

In our quest to become debt free and pay off long overdue debt, Joey has taken on a summer job. He started today working for a neighbor of ours doing odd jobs and yard work. Yard work doesn't say it quite right...pasture work is more like it. Joey is said there is more mowing and weed eating than he has ever seen in his entire life! He definitely won't be able to complete the job each week, but our neighbor said it was quite alright because he said it would take 40+ hours/week to really complete the whole thing. Just do what you can he said. Anyhow, he came in for lunch today and all I could see were two big blue eyes staring at me because you couldn't see the rest of him. I said, "Have you been mowing a dirt pile!?" He said, "No, but what made you think so?" He was the filthiest I have ever seen him. After lunch and a short nap, off he went to "finish" the job for the day. I felt like a farmer's lunch (if you call a sandwich cooking), letting him rest, and then sending him off until dark. He will sink into bed tonight. I also have been working for my mom the last two weeks helping her organize and rid out. I put the pedal to the metal when Libby is taking her naps and when she is awake, Amy will help babysit or she can play while I do some stuff. I have to work in shifts, but I'm glad she can be with me. How do working moms do it all? Between working 12-14 hours a week, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, running errands in town and grocery shopping, I almost can't keep up...but on I trek!! We are so sick of debt that we are trying our hardest to eliminate it. A borrower really is servant to the lender as Scripture says. Joey has got us a game plan for paying it off, so hopefully nothing disastrous will happen (car repairs, sickness, etc.) that will threaten our plan and get us off track. So for now, the working mom is signing off!


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