Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday America

This was our fifth year to spend the 4th of July at Dan & Michelle Lawrence's house. There were about 150 people there this year...this was the biggest year yet since we have been going. The festivities began at 1:00 with a fishing competition followed with games of volleyball, basketball, an egg toss, watermelon seed spitting contest, tag football, and water balloon volleyball. We got to fellowship with old friends and met new friends and ate lots of good food! Each family had to bring their meat and bun of choice and then bring something for the community table. We scarfed down a juicy cheeseburger and then brought sweet corn and squash to grill too. Yummy!! We had an awesome time of worship that evening followed by a huge fireworks show! We always have such a great time and are already looking forward to next year. As I was reflecting back last year, I was pregnant and being warned by Joey to be careful playing softball. I was running bases 7 1/2 months pregnant! This year we were able to bring her with us and it was such a sweet time. She did so well being out in the heat all day. She fussed only a little when she got tired, but after I put her in the Ergo, she went asleep and then fell back asleep during the fireworks show. We finally got home at 11:00 last night. Oh well...we had fun!

Candy, Lisa, and Me

Joey and I

Everybody at the fishing competition and some are swimming

Joey and his team playing water balloon volleyball...I think they won.

My team of girls against guys. I'm the one in the corner hidden. Somehow Joey missed me when he was taking the picture.

Libby absolutely loves kids so she is trying to give Becka lots of kisses as you can tell. She doesn't quite know what to think about it.

Our family

Me, Lisa, and Candy doing our silly poses.

Worship time being led by Rob Daws and his daughter Sarah playing the violin and Stephen Lawrence playing guitar. James and Kimberly Stoker playing guitar and violin off to the side.

Everyone singing.

Amy Bell and James Stoker helping lead worship

America's grand ole flag waving in the breeze.