Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SCC on Larry King

I wanted to share this video with you that we saw while in Kentucky. Larry King interviewed the Chapman Family. There are six parts but I chose to share part 3 with you. If you want to see the entire interview you can view it on You Tube. Continue to keep the Chapman family in your prayers. It's a daily struggle for them. I know Christ was glorified through their faith, their strength, and their family support during the interview. The Gospel was indeed shared with millions of viewers. Pray that God's Word and their faith in Him will touch many lives.


Wendy said...

That just made me weep this morning. I was just talking about the Chapmans to Terrie a day or two ago...I had not seen them speak and although I'm not surprised Steven Curtis & Marybeth would have raised awesome children, those kids highly impressed me. If I can only do half as well, I'll be satisfied.

Thanks again for coming to my party and making a special cake :) It was fun to visit with you last night, too!