Saturday, September 6, 2008

Around the Corner in 109 days

Christmas will be here soon.

It's not even Fall yet, but I am in the Christmas baking mood today. I am trying to get a head start on some of my baking for my Christmas baskets I am going to make this year. I am putting even more thought this year into gift giving and if you read one of my posts a while back on gift giving, then you know that I am going to try and NOT give junk to those special people on my list. I am not sure how to link back to the article, so if one of my sweet blogging friends would kindly tell me how then I will come back and edit it with the link.

I am making pumpkin bread today, the small loaves, to put into the freezer. I also have other ideas I will be doing, but some of you are on my list to receive one of the homemade baskets...the basket isn't hand made of course...but you knew what I meant, right? I am excited about all the different ideas that are swarming through my head, but one thing at a time. I can go broke real quick trying to purchase everything at once, which is why I am spacing it out.

Now that Libby is much older this year, we hope to start some memorable family traditions which I hope will carry on through all our children's adult life. I didn't grow up with any family traditions, or at least I don't remember any, so it's important for us to start with our child/children. Yes, we are praying for more children when the Lords deems necessary. We started the first year Joey and I were married getting each other an ornament every year at Christmas. He goes shopping for mine and I go shopping for his. Because this will be our ninth Christmas married, we have already accumulated a bunch, not counting the ones I have purchased here and there. This year we are going to get one together because our tree is already getting pretty full. We bought Libby her first ornament last year and will continue to buy her one every year. When she gets married, she will then take them with her to put on her own family tree. It can get kinda crowded on the tree especially if you have several children, but you could always hang them on alternate places, i.e., wreath, miniature Christmas trees for their room, garland, etc. That's just one of the traditions we have already started, but hope to make new memories each year.

No, I haven't gotten my Christmas music out yet...but I am tempted when I start my baking. As soon as October hits, out come my few Fall decorations that I have accumulated.

Well, I am signing off. Wish me happy baking!!


Summer said...

My mom bought us an ornament every year growing up, and we are doing the same thing with our kids. Plus mom gets them one every year too. We also put a little tree in their room every year. They love decorating it and calling it their own.