Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Review

Despite the gloominess of last week, the weather this weekend turned out to be nice.

We went to a birthday party for Owen on Saturday and had hamburgers with all the fixins and then enjoyed Elmo cake. Libby had a great time. She has only been to two other non-relative birthday parties so this is fairly new territory for us. I can't believe she's already old enough to be invited to birthday parties.

We started re-arranging the "nursery" yesterday and getting ready. I haven't been as motivated this time around...don't know why, but I felt like it was time to get moving. Baby boy is going to get the raw end of the deal since his room is also our office, but we are sort of dividing the room with screens of some sort so the room won't look totally "officey." We have decided to move the bunk beds out to make more room, although it is going to be hassle. We were going to leave them in there, but it was going to make the room too cluttered. We are doing a western/rustic theme. I am getting geared up to paint and am deciding on colors. I looked up western bedding online and the cheapest set I found was $300!!! How outrageous is that? So...I am having a local seamstress make the bedding. Libby has started saying, "Broder's (for brother) bed" when she looks at the crib. We are talking more about it to her. When I tell her there's a baby in my tummy she says, "Out." She will a big helper to much as you can be at almost two.

Today in Sunday School we had open forum. Anyone could ask a question and then it was up for discussion. We hadn't done one of those ever so it was neat to see some of the questions asked. Joey's question was, "Is repentance required for salvation or is simple belief just enough?" We have had this discussion with some friends on several occasions and it's amazing the answer some people give.

Scott, Isha, and Drew came over this afternoon...first time since Libby was a week old. I know it's kinda sad we waited this long...hopefully it won't be too long next time. Maybe we can get a game of spades going for old times sake.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow for two suspicious knots on my face. If you know me, you know I tend to worry about stuff like this. I always think I have cancer or something so they have had me freaked out. Joey really wanted me to get them checked out so we will see what the doctor says.

Hope you had a great weekend too.

Until then


Lindsay said...

We're doing Owen's area in our room (it was supposed to be an added on bedroom but doubt that'll actually happen now) cowboy/western! The bedding set Im going to buy is on Ebay. Search Beyond bedding cowboy and it'll come up.
Thats funny you said that about the apple crisp bc as I was making it I was thinking the same thing! Although Ive never made apple crisp from scratch, but it still reminded me of it!