Sunday, May 24, 2009


I know I haven't blogged much in the past several weeks. I actually haven't been on much of a soapbox lately. Imagine that.

There are several posts on my mind to write about, but I just haven't had the energy to type it out. So, maybe this week.

Until then, I started my weekly OB appointments this week. I am dilated to a 2 already. I know that doesn't mean much, but it's a start. Some women aren't even dilated at all when they officially go into labor, so I consider this a head start. I think I stayed at a 3 with Libby and still had to be induced, but hey, it's something a little more exciting than just weighing it, checking my blood pressure, and giving a urine sample...all in a matter of five minutes.

I am feeling good, but feel like a walrus when I turn over in bed at night. This will all be over soon so I am enjoying my last several weeks of being pregnant. Joey said he sure will miss it too. He loves it when I'm pregnant and asked how soon I could become pregnant again...he was kidding of course...not about having more kids, but about being pregnant again soon. We'll see what God has in mind.

We are still going to Frisco. Libby has four more things to be treated for if we don't have her tested for anything else. They normally just test for food and seasonal allergies at the first visit, but they will test for anything else you might suspect. I suspected she might be allergic to the heat so we had her tested for that last month. Sure enough, she was allergic to hot and cold temperatures and allergic to temperature extremes like going from extreme cold to hot. She is now cleared from that and now I suspect she is allergic to a fragrance of some sort. She broke out so bad this week from something my mom put on her. She loves lotion and perfume so my mom doctored her up from her collection of scents and then she broke out so next time I will have her tested for fragrances. I hope to start my treatments after she is done. My allergies are horrible. Nasal spray follows me wherever I go just so I can breath. I hate it!! I have never had this before and it's miserable!! So whenever I come into some extra cash, then I will get treated.

Guess I will close for now. I am trying to type and watch a movie with Joey and it's hard to do both. So far our Memorial Day weekend is relaxing. Joey is off tomorrow and then he took off Tuesday too so we are taking Libby to the zoo. Pictures to follow later.

Be blessed


Wendy said...

Hey there, just thought I'd let you know I left you a blogger award, you'll see it when you read my lastest post. Later, Gator!