Friday, August 28, 2009

Cleansing Stinks

It stinks, but it's worth it. I am on day 5, which is almost over, and I have lost four pounds as a result. The sugar cravings are getting better and the temptations to cheat are almost gone...almost!! The first ten days I can only have fruits and veggies (minus corn and white potatoes), organic butter, and/or olive oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil. On day 11 I can add in lean meat such as chicken or fish.

The first three days were oh so hard, especially when you're cooking for friends and can't have what you made them!! I sure hated my friends to starve while dining at my home, so I made them something of substance. lol

A friend is going through the cleanse with me which helps a lot with motivation and accountability. We call each other every morning to check on how we're doing, how much weight we lost that morning and any ideas of food variety. Gotta have variety or it's gets really old eating the same thing.

Along with the food I take 28 pills a day. 18 of them are cleanse capsules, 4 of them are B vitamins, and 6 are my fish oil capsules. I also am taking a whole food fiber powder and a cleanse powder that I'm adding to my smoothie every morning.

I don't want to do this once a month or anything, but once or twice a year I can probably handle. I need to break up with my cherry vanilla diet Dr. Pepper from sonic so hopefully this will change my bad habit. Shame on you Jennifer. You know better!! Back to what I know in my head I should be eating. I splurge to often and it sadly shows sometimes on my gut and thighs:)

Know anything to help stretch marks?????

I'll keep you posted.


monica said...

I love reading your blog and keeping up with you guys!
I'm following your cleansing thing but what do you do afterwards? Is is suppose to encourage a lifestyle change or is this temporary? I know nothing about cleansing!