Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clean Sweep Part 3

I hope to make this the last of the "Clean Sweep" series. I don't want to get bogged down in the nitty gritty details of organizing because I might lose all of the few readers I have:D)

From pantry cabinets, to bookshelves, to your dreaded junk drawer...there is always something to be organized it seems. Bad news: your organizing will never stop. Good news: it will come closer to staying that way if you have a good system of organizing the stuff.

I will touch on a few more points and then call it quits.

Before I had two kids, my son's room was then the guest bedroom and his closet held all the extra stuff that wouldn't fit into ours. Crafts supplies, sewing supplies, batteries, teaching CD's/tapes, games, etc. are still at the top of his closet neatly tucked away into small Rubbermaid type containers with lids. Each box is marked on the front with the appropriate items contained in there. We have a container for batteries, craft paint, sermons on CD, small type games such as several decks of card, skip bo, hand held Yahtzee, etc., sewing supplies, and a miscellaneous box that might contain odds and ends that aren't junk but there's not enough of it to have its own box. I have a small three drawer system that sits on top of the filing cabinet also located in the closet, that contains my craft ribbon, school supplies (markers, glue, crayons, and scissors), and the last drawer contains pictures that I want to keep but don't necessarily want to put into albums, i.e. extra portrait pictures from a studio, doubles, etc.

I love those bins and drawer sets. Everything is tucked neatly away and you can label it which also ensures you will put the things into its proper location.

Because I am short on kitchen drawers...three to be exact is all I have...I don't have the luxury of a junk drawer so all my things have to have a place or I would go crazy.

So start this week organizing your junk drawer and make homes for those things. You can probably purchase cheap containers at the Dollar Store if you're short on budget.

Hope this post helped some of you. It's not as extensive as I would have liked but you all know me...I can get wordy sometimes...ok all the time.

Until next time, happy organizing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jenn, for your Clean Sweep series! Thanks for being so encouraging! I'm bulldozing through this month, hauling off things, giving things away, and just FINALLY taking control of my house. Thanks for helping with that. :)

THZ said...

Hey girl! Let's talk soon. Maybe later this week when things slow down around here a little! =) Have a great week!