Monday, March 22, 2010

Pizza Night

For pizza night I did something different this time. I made a half barbeque half cheese pizza. We had some smoked brisquet left over in the freezer from another meal so I decided to experiment. You can also use leftover roast. That would work too. Joey loved it and said it was his favorite pizza now. I make my homemade pizza crust and it's ooooo so delicious!!

Joey chopped up the brisket with a hand chopper.

Once the meat is chopped and and the cheese grated, spread half of the dough with barbeque sauce and the other half with pizza sauce.

Put the meat on top of the barbeque sauce and sprinkle cheese on the whole thing.

Here is our favorite barbeque sauce. It is the best sauce we have ever tried. It's not all that healthy, but it tastes so good. This is one of our splurges.

Bake 350 degrees until done.