Monday, May 26, 2008

Etiquette Part 1

I have been on this Etiquette kick lately since I came back from the Above Rubies Retreat. I bought Nancy's Etiquette Posters while I was there so our family might learn more. I didn't realize there was so much to learn...things I already knew and was practicing and then other things I lacked and need to be doing. I am definitely more aware now and would like to pass the info along to you. As a courtesy to Above Rubies, please don't copy these for yourself, but if you're interested in getting these posters, you can order them from Nancy at AR. They are good for the whole family to learn and great to hang around the house as a daily reminder. You can also go over them together as a family at meal times. They aren't very expensive ($7.95 I think for 7.) I will include one "poster" at a time in my post. Hope you enjoy and that it encourages you to put these things into practice.

Speech Etiquette
  • Articulate your words clearly. Do not mumble!
  • Look people in the face when you speak to them.
  • Speak politely. Always say "Please," "Thank you" and "You're Welcome."
  • Speak encouraging, positive, kind and life-giving words. Bless people instead of criticizing people.
  • Speak with a smile, rather than a frown.
  • Children, do not interrupt adult's conversation's. Wait until the person has finished talking and then say, "Excuse me" before talking further.
  • Do not talk over the top of others. Do not monopolize conversations.
  • Do not be afraid to speak your convictions, but share with gentleness and grace.
  • Do not invade someone's personal space. Do not get too close to them when you speak.
  • Do not be a talebearer.
  • Do not speak with your hands in your pockets.
  • Always speak the truth. Lies are for cowards who do not have the courage to tell the truth. Do not exaggerate.
  • Be interested in what others have to say. Ask questions about their life, rather than talk about yourself. Be attentive and a good listener.
  • Answer the phone with a bright, happy voice.
  • Always think before you speak. "Put your brain into action before you put your mouth into gear."
  • When introduced to someone, shake hands and say, "How do you do?" which is traditional, or "I'm very glad to meet you." which is more meaningful, or "I'm very glad to meet you Mrs. Jones" which is even better and more personal.
  • Address older people as "Mr." and "Mrs." unless told otherwise.
  • Husbands and wives, say "I love you" to your spouse and each one of your children every day.
  • Children, say "I love you" to your parents and siblings each day.