Sunday, June 22, 2008

Etiquette Part 5

Church Etiquette
  • Always seek to be on time. Try to be early if possible.

  • Dress in a manner that will glorify the King of Kings and that will not stumble another brother or sister.

  • Do not whisper to one another during the ministry of the Word. It stops other people hearing. It distracts the preacher incredibly and it can curtail the moving of the Holy Spirit.
  • Do not have a conversation with someone in the midst of a prayer meeting. This will grieve the Holy Spirit. If we are not in earnest about praying, why should God be interested in answering?
  • If you arrive late because of unforeseeable circumstances and someone is praying, show courtesy and wait until they have finished praying before you start walking to your seat.
  • Do not wander in and out of church. Show reverence at all times.
  • Come with a cleansed and prepared heart to worship and bring a sacrifice of praise. Have no grievance or unforgiveness against anyone in the congregation, especially as you take communion.
  • Do not be concerned with yourself only. Look out for lonely people. If you see a new person sitting alone, sit with them or ask them to sit with you.
  • Seek to bring a little word of encouragement to someone every time you come to church.
  • When there is time for greeting one another, do not talk to your friends only. Remember the strangers, the ones you do not know well, the older people, and also the young children.
  • Do not come to church to get, but to give-to God and to others.
  • Come with your Bible and notebook, ready to write down what the Holy Spirit says to you personally. Come with expectancy. Look interested. Look up the Scriptures. This will help the preacher immensely. Even if he is boring, the Holy Spirit can speak personally to you if you are alert to Him.
  • Sit in the front seat, rather than the back seat. You miss out on the blessing when you sit at the back. Even children behave better right in front of the preacher. Try it and see!
  • If you can avoid it, do not rush off home immediately. Do your part to help or put away seats. Fellowship with people instead of running off quickly, or invite someone or a family home for Sunday dinner.
  • Do not use the church to spread gossip and do not go home and criticize the church.