Friday, June 20, 2008

I Want to Be Your Hands

Remember the Audio Adrenaline song? Not sure of the title, but it talks about being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us.

Last Saturday, a groups of four guys came and served us; being the hands and feet of Jesus to us. I was told their small group wanted to do something for us and they would do whatever needed to be done. With Libby's surgery and Joey's second job, we had gotten a little behind on things here, plus not to mention the catastrophes we happened upon when we got home from the hospital.

They showed up around 10:15 and immediately began chainsawing our broken tree and cutting up the salvageable pieces into firewood and then hauling off the smaller limbs. It's a good thing Graham had his trailer because there ain't no way that stump would have fit into our lawn mower trailer! It was huge to say the least. Picture to follow later. After that, they all tackled the yard and did a great job! I have to mention the fact that Graham asked one of the guys, Aaron I think, if he weed eated down by the mailboxes, and I thought umm...we never do that, but go ahead if you like.! Made me laugh. We never thought about weed eating down there. Poor Ty tackled my beat up trellis and trimmed back my suckle. Just got to figure out what to put up next to re-train my vine that will sustain 60 mph winds. Casey was getting beat up pretty badly over lunch about being able to push mow our whole front yard in like two strides...yes, he's tall! Poor Casey. They even hung a ceiling fan in my room. Aren't these guys great?! It feels so good to lay under swiftly moving air and to top if off, Joey no longer needs his fan on his side of the bed...yes, we both have fans on each side. Did I mention we were both hot natured??

Not to forget the girls who had a hand in bringing us lunch. Summer and Terrie came to hang out and they brought sandwich fixings and dessert to top it off.

Joey and I were a little overwhelmed by their desire to come and do manual labor for us. I mean, who are we that someone would want to do something like that for us? It was very humbling for us to let them...we are not normally on the receiving end of things like that where someone just "volunteers" to serve without being asked. It was an eye-opener for us. How many times do we tell people, "Let me know if you need anything?" Do they ever call you up and say, "Um. yeah, my yard needs mowing and my house is a wreck if you know of a group that would like to come." Yeah, like who's going to do that? I certainly wouldn't. Knowing that I don't do that and other's don't as well, just show up and offer your services. Don't wait to be asked and don't wait til someone is on their death bed to serve them. I ALWAYS get a greater blessing by serving someone else than they do. I think sometimes Christians do far too much talking and not enough doing. It's time to put feet into, bless, serve.
On top of that huge blessing, we were blessed again that same day with our dearest friends in the world coming to help (No wait, I think Josh did it all himself) Joey fix his car. Josh and Candy, Dan and Lisa, and Joel, Josh and Candy's fellow soon-to-be Philippine missionary friend, came and I know didn't intend to stay until 10:45. Josh and Joel are airplane mechanics, but can basically fix anything. Joey and Dan said they basically watched and learned. It took them 4 hours to fix the car! It was more than Joey bargained for when he ordered the part himself and thought he could do it. By the look of the part it did look complicated! It's all done and it saved us over $350 of taking it to the shop. We had a great time fellowshipping and I'm sure the guys got in much needed guy time even if their heads were underneath a car hood all evening.
Don't we have such great friends? We are so blessed! We were touched and are still humbled by everyone's labor of love. Thank you all again from us. Keep serving! Keep being the hands and feet of Jesus!


Scott said...'s called "Hands and Feet"

Joey said...

Great song...kindof reminds me of the good ole days right scott, crusing around in the camero turning it up loud with the t tops off...anyway no doubt that those guys blessed us immensely. Thanks a lot for all yall did. It meant a lot.

Jennifer said...

Oh, that makes sense hehe! Well, you know sometimes Scott it's not that obvious, know what I mean?! Anyhow, I'm really not blonde...more of a dark brown now. I know you're can stop anytime now :)

Wendy said...

I got to hear how blessed the group was to serve during the next week's life group. I think you're right, they might have been even more blessed than you all were. Glad it helped out :)