Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Libby's 6 Day Journey

Waiting to be taken back.

First time to see her in ICU

First time to nurse after 36 hours

Playing with mommy

First time to hold her in ICU

Our daily wagon ride on floor 3

Drinking out of a bottle. Yep, you see it right!!

Playing in the crib

Just hanging out

Libby and Mommy

The day we left the hospital.

The morning of surgery waiting to be taken back. Gowned up and ready to go!

The morning of surgery. We had to wake her up early to give her a bath with this special soap.

The night before surgery at our friend's Rick & Michelle's house. She doesn't know what's coming.


Scott said...

I'm so glad everything has worked out so well...praise God! I know everything will get back to normal soon. So many from our church have been praying for you, and I updated Bro. Moises on everything as so his church could be praying as well.

Shonnie Stanley said...

She looked great after surgery. I am so glad that she did so well. She looks great and we will contuine to pray for no infections.