Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Pamela Plaster"

That's what "their" calling me. My mom has a wall in her kitchen that had outdated wallpaper so she decided that she wanted it who got volunteered to do it??? Amy and I finally completed the week long project three weeks ago. It was a job to say the least! She has always wanted the venetian plaster look like you see at Olive Garden. So, she goes to Lowe's and buys the bucket and says, "Here you go." I have never textured a wall much less plastered one with fancy goop. It took several "swipes" and tool changes, but Amy and I finally got the hang of it. I must say, it looks "Olive Garden," "Italian," and "Tuscan." I will post pictures once we get the wall painted and glazed. It wasn't hard work, but very tedious and may I say messy! We had to get on our hands and knees and use a scraper to remove globs from the hardwood and the baseboards. Then we had to sweep up the remains and then mop and then move the furniture (i.e. frig, hutch, etc.) back to its original location. Their frig weighs a ton! I think it will look good once it's completed. But, I've decided that I'm no longer up for hire in regards to "plastering" so I hope she doesn't get a crazy idea to do her whole house.

I've been so busy the last couple of days that I haven't had time to post much so I thought I would post about this...quick, easy, and simple. I still plan on posting pictures of the work day, but on a 28.8 connection, it's taking a verrrrry loooong tiiiiime. Coming soon though! Still enjoying our fan!!


Tefertiller Tribe said...

we recovered the walls in our living room this weekend so i feel your pain! you need to come by and see it. our girls need to visit too (-: i'd love to see you.