Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby Contest

Last Saturday, Libby was involved in the annual Jim Bowie Days Beautiful Baby Contest. We decided to enter her for fun just to see if she would win. She didn't, :( but it was fun anyhow. There were three girls in her age bracket. An 11 month old little girl won, although I think it must have been riged, lol! Libby was aweful cute not to win. She even waved at the audience when we walked on stage. The other two girls just stood there acting shy. We thought the wave would seal the deal, but it wasn't enough! She's still beautiful in our eyes. There were a ton of babies to say the least. Maybe next year!
PS. Anyone know why my pictures post first? I had the above paragraphy typed first and then inserted my pictures, but it keeps putting my pictures first. Frustrating!


Wendy said...

Not sure what you mean, but pictures always go to the top when you insert them, so you have to move them. I finally started just putting in the pics,then adding text b/c it frustrated me, too.

Is that what you mean or are the pictures not staying where you move them to?

Libby shoulda won :( Just like Ash shoulda won her first (and last) year. I'm not bitter...

Tara said...

I had that problem too, but I just cut and pasted my text where I wanted it to go.
Libby is too cute not to have won! She is so precious with that big bow! Maybe it was rigged.