Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Allen's 4th of July Celebration

Janice, Me, My Dad, Kaylie, Matt, Jeff, and Karolyn (Not sure what she's doing)

Chandler having fun!

Geego and Grandma

Libby talking on a play phone.

Libby and I chillin on the patio

Matt putting tanning lotion on his face. He didn't know I took this picture!

Geego putting sunscreen on so his head won't burn.

Chillin at the pool. She can't go swimming for three more weeks because of her incision.

Back: Uncle G (my Dad's twin brother, his fiancee Karolyn. Middle: Chandler (my nephew, Kaylie. Front: Geego (My Dad), Brad

My brother Matt and my nephew Heath

Kaylie wanted to play with my hair.

Saturday, we went to my Dad's house in Allen (suburb of Plano,) to see everyone. My grandma and cousin Brad were down from Michigan for a week. All that day, there were activities for kids and then that night Three Dog Night was playing at a park a block away from their house. We watched the fireworks from the front yard. We got to meet Janet, Brad's girlfriend and see Kaylie, Brad's daughter. She is four years old and just as cute as a bug! She had cancer when she was born and still has to go for checkups every 6 months. They are very traumatic for her, but she is a fighter and when you ask her who healed her, she says, "Jesus!" So sweet!