Friday, July 11, 2008

Checkup at Cook's

Yesterday was Libby's 5 week checkup at Cook's and we got a good report. I won't go into much detail as most of you who read my blog already received an e-mail from me today. In a nutshell...she is going very well. No fluid buildup around her heart which means no more Lasix!!! It was in the trash as of last night. Her once enlarged atrium is now gone back to normal size and no blood flow between the chambers. God has indeed healed our little girl!!

The EKG is always performed first and she hates it...thank goodness she found the passy. It was a life saver yesterday.

In the room waiting... reading books

Libby doing so good during the ECHO...normally she screams the entire time, but we stuck the passy in and all was well.


Shonnie Stanley said...

I am so glad that Libby's appointment went well. Her incision looks great. God indeed heals and he has proven that with Libby and Trista.