Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Etiquette Part 6

I guess it's time for the last two Etiquette's. I kinda forgot. Oops.

Daily Life Etiquette

  • Keep the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

  • Walk through life blessing and encouraging everyone rather than criticizing and complaining.

  • Start the day with a smile and keep it on all day.

  • Always go the second mile. Be open to put yourself out to help someone in need.

  • If you break something that belongs to someone else, buy them a replacement or reimburse them financially. Always return things in the same shape as it was loaned to you.

  • If you borrow something, TAKE IT BACK! Do not forget to return books. People will be more apt to loan you things if you return them on a timely basis. Write them a note of apology upon returning the item.

  • When you have borrowed something of considerable worth from someone, write them a "Thank you" card or give them a little gift of appreciation when you return it.

  • If you have told someone you will do something, DO IT! Always keep your word.

  • Do not commit yourselves to things you cannot accomplish.

  • If you are unable to keep an appointment or a commitment, let the person know.

  • Do not let people down. Your word is your good name. Be dependable and reliable.

  • Show deference to older people. Call older people "Mr." and "Mrs." rather than using their first name, unless they specify otherwise.

  • When someone gives you a gift, show gratitude. If it is sent my mail, immediately write a letter of thanks.

  • When you meet someone, shake hands with a firm handshake. (not weak or insipid, but not one that will break their hand either.)

  • Always knock and wait to be invited in before entering someone's home, whether you know them well or not. They may or may not be expecting you.

  • Drive courteously.

  • A man or boy should rise when a female visitor enters the room and remain standing until she is seated or leaves his space.

  • All should stand when an older visitor enters the room.

  • A man or boy should give up his chair to a woman or older person.

  • A man should open the car door for a woman.

  • A man should offer his seat to a lady if there is no other.

  • If grandparents live in a different town, call them or write frequently. If you live away from home, call regularly and keep in contact by email or mail.

  • Respond to personal email correspondence with a short reply back thanking them for the information they sent you or simply reply back with a hello. If you don't, it leaves the sender wondering if you have received it. Thank them for their time in thinking of you.


Joey said...

Well no comments. Must have convicted them again!!!

Jennifer said...

You are so funny! Thank you for commenting babe. I can always depend on you, lol. See you soon.

Jennifer said...

You are so funny! Thank you for commenting babe. I can always depend on you, lol. See you soon.