Thursday, July 31, 2008

Etiquette Part 7

Table Etiquette

  • Wash your hands and do your hair before coming to the table.

  • Be at the table on time. All should sit around the table together for grace. You may like to hold hands together to give the blessing.

  • At the beginning of the meal, pass the food counterclockwise, or to the right. If you have guests, the guest of honor sits to the right of the host and is therefore served first.

  • Do not over pile your plate. Take a moderate portion and come back for more if you are still hungry. It is thoughtless to take more than you need and leave food wasted.

  • During the meal, ask for your food to be passed unless it is near you. Do not talk to the air, but ask someone specifically, e.g. "Jane, could you pass the rice?" Reply with "Thank you."

  • Do not talk with your mouth full. Do not make noise when you eat. Do not belch. Do not gulp your food. Do not lick your knife. Keep your elbows in.

  • If you have to cough, put your hand over your mouth and turn away from the food.

  • Do not slouch at the table. Sit straight. Keep your chair close and elbows off. Elbows are allowed on the table between courses but not while eating.

  • Do not monopolize the conversation or speak over the top of others. One person should speak at a time. Share the conversation.

  • Be a good listener. Adults should have the predominance of speaking at the table although children can enjoy the conversation, especially in answering questions.

  • Speak positively. No arguments.

  • Do not have private conversations at the table. It is a place for shared communication

  • Always say, "Thank you" to the cook or your mother for the meal. Mention something specific you enjoyed. E.g. "Thank you for the lovely meal. I enjoyed the special pasta dish." Thank father for working hard to provide the food.

  • Ask to be excused before you leave the table.

  • Push your chair into the table when you leave the table.

  • At the end of the meal, help clear the table and help with the dishes.

  • Do not jump up and down from the table.

  • Sit at the table until the meal and family devotions are finished.

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