Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Answer to our Prayers...Hopefully

We are taking Libby to an Allergy Relief Center in Frisco on January 14th. A friend, who after hearing about this place on the radio, told us about it. We didn't think much about it at first and even dismissed the idea, but then after a frustrating trip to Central Market to try and find Libby more food options, I threw my hands in the air and wept. I said, "There has to be another way."

We did a search for this place and found out some details about the "Elimination" procedure. I called this morning to ask more questions and made her an appointment. It's hard to explain the procedure since I am not so familiar with it. They don't give a lot of details on their site. I had heard about the procedure through my doctor in Fort Worth a couple of years ago and was intrigued then. The receptionist said their success rate is 95% and the patient leaves allergy free from the allergy treated that day. They will only treat one allergy per visit. She said they just treated a patient last week who has had a life long allergy to eggs and couldn't even eat them because it would send her to bed with a stomach ache. She came in for a treatment and left to go and eat an Egg McMuffin to see if it worked. She reported feeling great with no stomach upset at all. It is a non invasive procedure and they treat infants with allergies to formula all the way up to geriatrics.

At this point we are willing to try anything. I end up very discouraged most days trying to find options for her to eat. She can only eat so many burritos and pickles. She is so picky plus with her lack of chewing utensils, she has a hard time eating most meat and raw vegetables. When we try and force certain food down her, her gag reflex kicks in and she throws up so we are at a stand still as to know what to do.

Pray that the treatments work. Six months of this seems like an eternity and each day is a struggle and a disappointment for us. She is having a hard time gaining weight since she is so limited on her options. We are trusting the Lord that this is the direction He wants us to go. When my heart is overwhelmed, the Lord is greater than my heart.

I will report back in two weeks.


Janice said...

My nephew's wife Lori works at Allergy & Asthma Center of Texas in Frisco. There website is Her number is 972-377-9987 ext 107.

Feel free to call her with any questions.

THZ said...

We will be praying that it all goes well! I am anxious to hear how it works. I know this must be so hard on all of you. Many blessings!

Megan said...

Sounds frustrating. Prayers that this center is the answer to your prayers!

Thanks for visiting me and for the recommendation. I did do acupuncture for a year. While it was good for other things, it did not help in getting me pg, unfortunately. =(