Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

With last week and this weekend being so busy I am just now getting around to posting our Christmas pictures. Our last Christmas was Saturday with Geego and Nanny from Allen. They came and spent the night with us Friday night. We enjoyed their visit and Libby got to hang out and play with them a lot.

Janice (Nanny), Libby, and Me

Libby opening a present from Geego and Nanny

Christmas at Joey's Aunt's house on Friday night. She is holding a pair of pj's.

Christmas Thursday night at Papa's and Grandy's. They bought her a pair of house shoes, a matching backpack and a hooded towel with her name on it. She is wearing the backpack.

She loves to play with this traveling kitchen. It's the neatest thing. She cooks in it all the time.

Opening the backpack.

Christmas at Papa's and Neanie's Thursday afternoon. Renee' is helping her open this gift from her and Nicky (Joey's brother).

She opened a puzzle

Christmas morning at our house. Me pictured with yes, you guessed it, no makeup, but Joey just had to take the picture against my better wishes, but the cookware he bought me made up for it. He thought I needed a new set. He said we probably have cancer by now from eating so much Teflon. I do have a nice stainless steel set that I use all the time except for ONE Teflon pan I kept to use specifically for things you don't want to stick, but he was so sweet to buy me this new set to go along with my SS set. It's Calphalon without Teflon on the bottom which means I can now safely use metal utensils.

Libby opened a Snow White dress up set from some friends of ours and she is wearing the tiara now. Believe it or not she can actually walk around in the high heels.

This was the "Daddy gift" from Joey. She loves this chair and sits in it all the time. It fold out to make a little bed. Since we are not putting any emphasis on Santa Claus we got the idea from a friend to do a "Daddy Gift" instead of Santa Gifts that way there is no confusion when she is older and no explaining to do. Great idea!!

She did good ripping the paper off. She barely needed any help.

Christmas at Pap and Mamaw's house on Christmas Eve. She opened a tea set from Matt and Ashely and the all the kiddos.

She found Mamaw's "Over the Hill" tiara from her 50th birthday and wanted to wear it.

Libby and cousin Hanna

Posing in front of our Christmas tree after we decorated it. This picture is a little late but I thought it was cute.
We were all so blessed this week to have been able to spend time with all our family. They all did so good not going overboard with the gift giving. Putting the things away took half the time as last year plus Libby isn't overwhelmed with having so many things to play with. Joey and I aren't pictured much since we were the ones taking the pictures. We were blessed as well with the things we received that we needed very much. We pray you all had a very Merry Christmas as well and that 2009 is full of God's blessings on your family.