Monday, December 1, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. I can't believe I will be 30 next year! I remember when I was 12 like it was yesterday. Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again :(

All three of us had fun this weekend at Homestead. There was a lot to do and if we would have had older kids we could have easily spent two days there. I came away with a dessert cookbook and a quart of honey. The cookbook is really neat. All the ingredients are all natural and healthy and yes they even taste good! They had samples set out for people to taste. The honey they processed from their own beehives. Definitely weren't big spenders.

Joey took me out to eat Saturday night in Waco at Texas Roadhouse. We spent time Christmas shopping at the outlet mall in Hillsboro on Sunday afternoon on the way home. They really do have some cool stores there and the prices weren't bad for an outlet. Some outlets aren't really outlets. The prices are still really high but the store says outlet so therefor it must be cheap. This outlet was reasonable.

Joey wanted to take me out to supper again last night. He was totally against me fixing supper last night although I didn't mind. I was going to make homemade manicotti but instead he took me out to eat manicotti.

It was a good weekend. I had several phone calls, some e-mails and some in person "Happy Birthday's." I got to spend it with my family and so today I must admit that I am a little sad Joey had to go back to work. He has been off since last Wednesday afternoon and I kinda got a little used to him being with us every day.

Back to the grind today...Yuck...but I will make it :)


THZ said...

Happy Birthday! Our birthdays are very close (mine was the 25th)... except I turned 30 two year ago! =) Praying that you are still feeling ok. Doing ok here, the morning sickness comes and goes... never know when it is going to strike. Will you guys find out the sex?

Again, Happy Birthday!

Shonnie Stanley said...

Happy Late Birthday!!! Hope all is doing well and that everything goes well with the upcoming doctor appointment.