Friday, November 28, 2008

A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That

We had a good Thanksgiving yesterday with family. We headed over to Sanger for lunch with the Bell side. Bryan and Olivia, cousins, were sweet and hospitable to have 40-50 in their, might I say, rather large home that she designed. There was more food than I could shake a stick at. I did what I shouldn't have done...ate raw broccoli. I love that broccoli salad with grapes and bacon, and I spotted it in the line and knew that I probably shouldn't eat it, but it had been a while so I was willing to take a chance...boy did I pay for it later. It absolutely tears my stomach up. I had the worst stomach pain I have had in years. I puked my guts up later and had diarrhea twice in the middle of the night. I know that is TMI, but it was bad. If I ever turn down large portions of cheese dip and pigs in the blanket, you know something is wrong. That's what we had at my mom's last night. My brother and his wife and the kids came over so we, or should I say, them indulged in finger foods. I ate a very small portion and again up it came later. Now enough of that. All in all it was a good day though and Joey and I did reflect on all we have to be thankful for.

Today was Christmas decorating day. The tree is up but not much else since we just layed around most of the day and vegged. There is not many days we get to do that on Joey's day off. He's either working for Keith or around here so we took advantage of it. I will finish the rest of the decorating next week. Libby was awestruck by the lights and kept trying to pull the ornaments off. She did help a little though.

Tomorrow we are going to Homestead Heritage. We have wanted to go for years, but just never did. It's very cool if you like that sort of thing so check out the link to see where we are going. Since my birthday is Sunday, it's what I wanted to do. We are spending the night in a hotel on Saturday night and then coming home on Sunday. We are very excited! Maybe I will come away a little smarter knowing how to make candles, pottery, and oh, yes broom-making in my spare time. Joey wants to learn the art of barn raising and blacksmithing in his spare time. :)

We are thankful today for salvation through Christ Jesus.
We are blessed!