Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ministries Worth Supporting

Sorry it has taken me a while to follow up on this post. I have had several other posts that I needed to share first. Joey and I have discussed our favorite ministries that are worth supporting, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. We are not able to support all of these on a monthly basis, but we do support some of these monthly and other's randomly. These ministries are Biblically sound and Christ exalting. If you or your family are looking for a worthy ministry to support, feel free to check these out or find one on your own that is Biblical. I say "Biblical" because not all so called ministries that name the name of Christ are biblical and sound in doctrine. Be careful who and what you are supporting.

John MacArthur at (our all time favorite present day Bible teacher)
John Piper at (also one of our favorites)
Voice of the Martyrs at (ministry to the persecuted church)
Above Rubies at (ministry to home school moms)
Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis at (biblical creation;great stuff)
Compassion International at (child sponsorship)
Focus on the Family at
New Tribes Mission at (international mission organization)
Bibles Unbound at (sends Bibles to China and other countries)

Other ministries worth supporting are local ones in your community such as:
The Pregnancy Resource Center
Salvation Army
Local relief mission that helps needy families in the community
Your own church's ministries
Other ministries your community may offer. (mine doesn't offer many)

You may not have much money to give locally or worldwide to many ministries, but you can give of your time by praying and being a volunteer. Most local ministries are desperate for volunteers, especially ones in my community. Even if you are a SAHM (stay at home mom) with small children and can't get out much, volunteer by running errands, being on the prayer team, writing cards, making phone call, etc. There are things we moms (and dads too:) )can do to make a difference. I challenge you that if you aren't involved start this year. Take that first step. The rewards are far greater than you can imagine.

What ministries does your family support? Do you have any ideas that I haven't listed that would be good as well? I look forward to hearing your ideas.


THZ said...

We love Compassion too! We have been supporting one little girl who is 10 now for about 3 years but this year we decided to get Anna more involved since she is starting to understand what we are really doing... so we got 2 children almost her exact age. We put their pics on the fridge so she can see them and be reminded to pray for them.

We decided to get 2 more so that we would have the same amount of Compassion children as biological children. I guess we will keep adding Compassion children as the Lord gives us more tiny blessings!!

Also, the local pregnancy center is near and dear to our hearts as Jimmy and I were unwed parents (for a few weeks anyway) BUT we know how it feels to be looked down on for your bad decisions.... multiply that by being alone without the father of the baby or at least without the support of the father and it makes it unimaginable what some of these young girls are going through. I am sooo grateful there are places like pregnancy centers that stand in the gap for these girls! So many precious babies have been saved through the truth being spoken into these girls lives!

Ok, was that the longest comment ever posted?? Sorry! =)

Anyway, I loved your post! Thanks for sharing!