Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First OB Appointment

Well, it appears this is the second time I have typed this. I posted about this last night and then woke up to find that it isn't here. Sorry for those who were looking for this last night only to find it missing.

Dr. Kyle wasn't delivering babies yesterday at 3:45 so luckily for me we got right in. We heard the strongest heartbeat ever and believe it or not, Libby got scared when he put the doppler on me. She also got scared when his nurse took my blood pressure. Not sure why, but when I held her she calmed down. It's funny what will scare little ones.

He couldn't do a sono yesterday, but I do go back tomorrow at 10:30 to have one done. Hopefully the baby is cooperating and I will have a surprise to post tomorrow. Because of Libby's heart defects he wants to schedule a 3D sono at 20 weeks which is only three weeks away. That should be fun! I got one with Libby at another place for fun and you can really see some detail.

Stayed tuned for my surprise post...hopefully I won't disappoint anyone:)


Wendy said...

Shane and I think the baby is a girl. It just feels like a girl. Of course, we don't know what a boy would feel like... :)

By the way, you do have the followup comments box.