Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anniversary Outing

Last Friday was our tenth anniversary. Already. Some of you were in our wedding and as I looked back at our wedding pictures I couldn't help but laugh...Joey's white socks, my weird hair style...I can't believe I cut my hair that short, my eighties-looking dresses, Jeff's big eye glass frames that he no longer has...well you get the picture. I was nineteen. He was 20...almost twenty one. I am now 29 and He almost 31. My what a road we have traveled.

It has been a good road, a great road, a hard road, but a much blessed road. We have had few "big" disagreements and even those were silly and the result of two immature people who hadn't experienced life yet. I love Joey more now than then and it keeps growing. He is easy to love, easy to submit to, easy to follow. He has made my life more than I could have imagined. Life without him wouldn't be worth living. He is such a treasure. *If he reads this which I know he will, he will get on to me for saying such things, but they are true so I must say them.

We didn't do anything what you would call exciting. Lack of funds and Libby being so small prevented that, but we had a blast anyhow. We stayed in a hotel in the metroplex, chilled in the heart shaped jacuzzi, watched the newest Tom Cruise flick...which was good and very clean btw, ate at Salt Grass (our favorite steak house), browsed at Cheaper than Dirt (Joey's anniversary gift to himself was his ammo,) and just hung out with each other. Libby stayed with my mom and did so well that even she was impressed. We felt like teenagers in the movie eating popcorn from the same tub and holding hands.

It was good to see Libby again although she acted very nonchalant when she saw us as if to say,"Oh, hey mom and dad. How's it going?" I'm glad she did good.

I love my husband so much and Lord willing the next ten years will be just as exciting and wonderful.


THZ said...

This is very touching! Congratulations to you guys for 10 years... that is awesome! We only have half that so far... well really not until May.