Friday, February 27, 2009

The "What Ifs of Love" Part 3

Actions that show respect
  1. Serve your husband's plate first at mealtimes. Wait on him, ask him throughout the day if you can get him drinks, food, etc.
  2. Don't nag him about things he does or doesn't do
  3. Don't interrupt him, talk for him, or correct him (You are his wife, not his mother)
  4. When he is talking to you, your children, or others, look at him with respect and listen
  5. Don't let yourself go. Work hard to keep yourself in nice shape for your husband. Get up in the morning and fix yourself up like you would if you were going out. You'll feel better too.
  6. Tell him at least once a day something you are thankful for in him or admire about him, no matter what else is going on between you
  7. Never take sides with a child/or anyone against your husband
  8. Show desire for him physically. You are his wife, the one who should bless him sexually
  9. Be 100% supportive of your husband's vision for his life. Walk with him and encourage him!


Your sexual responses and advances mean as much to him as his affection (holding hands, hugs, and kisses) mean to you.

The more you are actively showing respect and honor to him as your God-given leader, the more you'll desire him physically


THZ said...

These are great! Thanks for posting them!