Monday, March 2, 2009

Fresh Family Updates

I realized that I hadn't updated on "our life"in a while so thought I would post what's been going on in our household these days.

I am still taking Libby to Frisco once a week for her allergy treatments. So far, dust, sugar, grains, dairy and eggs have been successfully removed. We have more to go. She is now eighteen months and expanding her vocabulary by the day. She is now learning to put two words together like, "Hi mommy." She knows people by their pictures and will call them by name when she sees them. When it's time to pray we don't have to ask her anymore who she wants to pray for, she starts right off calling people by name to pray for. She is our sweet blessing girl.

Joey is busy going to school taking two classes; speech and government. Between work, the pregnancy center, school, and family, he barely has time for anything else. He handles everything so well and rarely gets stressed...unless of course he just doesn't show it. He is laid back and easy going and a wonderful husband and daddy. What would we do without him?

I started back volunteering at the Pregnancy Resource Center at the beginning of February. I go in every other week while my mom keeps Libby in the mornings. She loves going to Mamaw's house. I am feeling great with this pregnancy as with the last one. Not one day of sickness, breast tenderness, or any other annoying thing. What a blessing I know. I am six months along already. It's going by so fast I can hardly believe it. Between allergy visits, my OB visits, Center time, and babysitting every other week for a home school mom, I stay pretty busy.

Libby and I have been sick the last week so we are trying to recoup. We are so blessed and have so many things to be thankful for. I pray your families are well and feeling blessed. I am reminded that even though I don't always "feel" blessed, reality says I am.



THZ said...

Can't believe Libby is 18 months old... wow! How fun that she is putting words together... that is such an AWESOME age... well really they all are! =)

Glad the pregnancy is going good... that is a huge plus!


Lindsay said...

Hey! Im finally getting a chance to leave you a comment!! I just thought I'd ask what pregnancy resource center youre volunteering at?
What a blessing that youre having such a wonderful pregnancy!!