Friday, March 27, 2009

Fundraising Gala 2009

Last night was the Pregnancy Resource Center's 2nd annual fundraising Gala. The community room was packed out with 140 people in attendance which was all that room would hold comfortably. I don't believe I saw an empty seat at any of the tables. I began to pray yesterday when I woke up and saw the drizzle, the cloudiness, and the chilly weather. I asked the Lord to give us pretty weather this year for the Gala with sunshine and warmth and do you know He did what I specifically prayed? Thank you Lord for answering prayer. Seeing as we got iced out last year, we didn't want a repeat again this year.

The speaker was Carol Everett, a nationally known pro-life speaker and author. She has been on both sides of the industry and has an awesome testimony of God's forgiveness, restoration, and healing. She did a most fantastic job and I think you could have heard a pin drop on several occasions. Stacy and Anita, mom and daughter, shared their personal testimonies. Both of their stories was powerful and heart wrenching as they both testified to the amazing power of God's love and healing through an abortion and an unplanned pregnancy. What a sweet time to see mother and daughter for the first time get to share together God's work in their lives.

This work is an important work, a kingdom changing work, and Joey and I are blessed to be a part of it. You get to change lives one at a time and hopefully and prayerfully, as one pastor put it, our children and grandchildren will never have to know what abortion is.

As I quote part of a song, "Hands of God", by The Newsboys, I am reminded just how truly amazing our God is. "In the hands of God, we stand tall. Hands that are mighty, to deliver, giving us freedom. You're amazing. You're amazing You are. And we praise You, Lord for what Your hands have done. You're amazing, You're amazing You are."

Anytime that song comes on Klove I can't help but lift my hands and worship who God is and what He has done. He proved that last night.

"Thank you Jesus for being powerful, our deliverer and mighty to save!!"

Joey and I

The board of directors


hrgottlieb said...

If you need some good fundraising ideas I would suggest you use Easy Fundraising Ideas as a fundraising resource.

They have lots of no risk, no cost fundraisers.

THZ said...

Ok, first off, GREAT pic of you and Joey... you do not look 28 weeks pregnant..WOW! You look great! (not that looking 28 weeks pregnant makes you look bad,,, you know what I mean!)

Second... LOVE LOVE Carol Everett and her testimony. I read her book (Blood Money) years ago and was able to hear her a couple years back at our pregnancy center fundraising dinner. She makes such a powerful impact having been on both sides.

Again, you look GREAT!