Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Update and More

Can you believe I have already started my bi-monthly appointments? Where has the time gone?

I had my second high resolution sonogram last week in Ft. Worth. Because the sonographer wasn't able to see the right side of his heart last time, the doctor wanted me to come back again to double check everything. Everything with his heart, brain, etc. checked out with the exception of my fluid. The normal is a 25 with mine being a 26. She said there are several reasons for excess fluid. Most cases she said they never know. A small percentage can be due to gestational diabetes or a birth defect. She wanted me to come back again in four weeks. I asked my OB about it last week at my regular appnt. and he said if my glucose test came back fine then it probably wasn't necessary to check it again. I had the test done last Thursday so I'm pretty sure it will be fine. Just pray all is well with the baby and there are no problems. Joey and I are at peace about it and my OB didn't seem concerned at all.

I will be 31 weeks on Saturday with only nine to go if I go to my due date. I feel great and my energy is good. I am starting to feel a bit more pressure and heaviness, but of course that is expected. The sonographer said he weighs 3 lbs 1 oz. as of last Wednesday. She switched over to 4D and Joey said he looked like me. I will try and scan one of the pictures in later so you can see.

I am starting to get the nursery in order, but it's baby steps. I have picked out the fabric for the bedding but just haven't purchased it yet. I bought two decorations for the wall. I know the paint color. We sold the bunk beds that were in there when we had our foster kids so now there is more room for his things. I am making progress. I hope to start painting maybe next week??? Or the next??? I have a volunteer helper friend who said she wanted to help me...I will take her up on it.

Knowing he will arrive soon, I have made a list of what I call long term goals I want to complete before he arrives. They may seem big or small to you, but I want to get them done. I will give you my list so you can help hold me accountable to it. If I don't get them done, it's not a big hairy deal, but nonetheless, I want to finish them.

  1. Make two batches of bread for the freezer (10 loaves total)
  2. Two batches of tortillas to freeze
  3. Can more spaghetti sauce
  4. Can hot sauce (I am completely out now and that is bad for us:) )
  5. Make strawberry preserves (hope to do that this Friday??)
  6. Clean my ceiling fans
  7. Finish Libby's shorts (three pairs down and eight to go)
  8. Finish the nursery of course
  9. Take Libby to the zoo as a family
  10. Go camping twice (we are going next weekend, but want to go again first of June)

Well, sound feasible? I think it does if I don't put everything off until the last minute. We'll see. I will keep you updated as to my progress.

My feet are tired today as I have been on them a lot more today than usual so I feel the bed calling me early tonight.



THZ said...

If it is not too much trouble could I get your bread and tortilla recipes?