Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Shower and Update

I was surprised with a baby shower on May 5th. I definitely had no idea this was taking place. ALL was done behind my back, including gathering addresses and finding out what I needed. I did find out later some people I would have invited were accidentally left off the list, but that's ok. Hopefully they understand it wasn't intentional. It was a blessing to see all those who came and supported us and all were very generous. I received enough money to buy the cloth diapers I needed amongst other necessities. I had a lot of fun visiting with those whom I haven't seen in a while. There aren't many pictures since I loaned my camera to someone else for them to take some so I could mill about and talk to everyone and they didn't take many and ones I really wanted. Guess that's what I get for putting someone else in charge huh?

On another note, I start my weekly appointments this week. He will check for dilation so I'm curious to see if I am. I am feeling great. Weight gain, blood pressure, etc. are great. I will say I do feel like a walrus when I turn over in bed at night. I am starting to feel uncomfortable at night and some when I walk (cramping and some pressure), but I have been blessed again with a wonderful pregnancy. I have five weeks to go today. My friend Candy and I painted the nursery this week so pictures to follow in the next couple of days.