Saturday, May 9, 2009

Girl Time

Last night the girls from our Sunday School had our first ever sleep over at Lua's house. I called it "Hotel Brown" because for me it was a similar experience. I had my own spare room, my own bathroom, continental breakfast, and checkout by 11:00. No, I could have stayed later, but I needed to get home. We stayed up late talking, playing games, eating really good girly food and really fattening desserts!! Some of the girls had to leave and couldn't stay the night, but the ones that did got to sleep in late...well technically I didn't sleep good at all and didn't expect to, but I didn't have Libby to listen for so I laid there a bit longer than I normally get to and casually got up, took a shower, gave myself a much needed pedicure, ate a huge breakfast prepared my Lua, which consisted of a delectable breakfast casserole, muffins, and cinnamon rolls. I probably gained 10 pounds by the time it was said and done. Well see tomorrow :)

I had a blast and I think everyone else did. I missed my family though, but Joey said he held down the fort and they did ok without me. I so much enjoy the fellowship of fellow Christian girls and am thankful for all the friends God has put into my life.

Back to the grind now. The party's over