Sunday, October 25, 2009

Musings From The Kitchen Table/Longings for Heaven

*As I sit here at my kitchen table still suffering the effects of last week's cold that has now gone into my ears, *hint*, ear infection, I began thinking that when I'm in heaven, I will never be sick again. I usually get the typical cold every year and every couple of years, the flu sets in. I can't imagine never taking an antibiotic or nasal spray again!!

*When I sit down for a meal, I am always worried about every bite that goes into my mouth, ok maybe not when I eat steamed broccoli, but when I want to enjoy a balanced meal topped off with dessert, my first thought is, "What's the scale going to look like tomorrow?" There are things I don't/won't eat because of fear of gaining weight. My fear stems from previously being overweight (highest weight was 223 pounds) and not wanting to walk that road again. It's a legitimate fear, but it can become idolatry. I hate focusing so much of my energy on weight. In heaven I will be able to sit AND eat at the banqueting table with Jesus and NEVER have to worry about gaining a single pound. What freedom and pleasure!!

*I get tired of telling my loved ones bye when we have visited them.

*Friends will never have issues between each other.

*NO FEAR about anything

*Your kids will never be sick

*No anxiety

*No depression

My heart is longing for heaven today and hope yours is too!!


Pineapple Princess said...

Following your wonderful blog! :)

Alisha said...

Oh, Jenn! Sorry you guys have been sick!

I so agree with you about ready for Heaven! Just watch the news and it makes you long to go!

Get well!!!