Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family Pictures

Well, here is a glimpse of our recent family photo shoot. Monica over at Pixel Perfect took these amazing pictures for us last weekend. I copied these from her blog so they are kind of small. When I get the "real ones" from her I will post more. They turned out amazing!! She has amazing talent to say the least. For all your portrait needs, help support her new and upcoming business. She's definitely not new at picture taking, but is trying to start a business. And no I don't get royalty for helping promote her:), but want to help her out. She's an old but new friend. Make sense?


Anonymous said...

Those are SOOOO CUTE! They are just reflections of your family, not just some posey pictures.

I have to ask: Is that Libby's skirt? LOL she looks so cute and Judah.... just smoochable. You can tell that you and J are as much in love as ever... if not more ;)

Super cute!

Pixel Perfect said...
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Pixel Perfect said...

Lets try this again...

Thank you for posting this! I enjoyed your session and talking with you guys!

Thanks again!