Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So So Sad

I had to wean Libby this morning.

I am on Amoxicilin for my ear infection and she is allergic to it so this morning as I was laying in bed it dawned on me that she can't nurse if I am taking it.

I am sad.

She only nursed in the morning, but it was still a sweet time plus it gave me an extra thirty minutes to lay there and get good and awake. I won't be able to put her in bed with me for a while until the has "forgotten" about nuring. I will have to get right up and try and distract for a while.

This morning Joey went to get her while I was in the bathroom. She did good until I came out of the bathroom and she started pointing to the bed. She ain't no fool. She knows what happens when she gets up. We immediately went to kitchen for breakfast where she soon forgot about it.

So, that's it. It reminds me that Libby is growing up so fast. Life is short. Don't take the sweet things for granted. Enjoy every minute for it passes very quickly.