Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Review

We had a super busy weekend starting on Friday night. I went to Gail's Valentine fellowship/Bible Study on Friday and was super blessed! There were over fifty ladies in attendance and I know I can speak for everyone that we were blessed by her hospitality in having us in her home, the wonderful meal, her gracious spirit, and her words of wisdom which she shared most humbly from her heart. She taught on the "What If's of Love." I had been praying that whatever the Lord desired me to receive that night that I would welcome the Truth and be set free by it. Sometimes we turn a blind eye to truth because then it means we have to do something with it. The Lord showed me amazing truths taught from His Word. I was sweetly rebuked by Him and lovingly brought back into reality. I feel as though everything Gail said was just for me. Thank you Jesus that you care enough about us to reveal your heart so personal to us. I will share more specific things that the sweet Lord showed me later this week as I gather my thoughts on the subject. Side note: I was so pumped up by what the Lord showed me and confirmed to me that I was up til 1:00 a.m. sharing with Joey all that happened. Saturday morning we were dragging.

We went van shopping all day on Saturday in Arlington. My transmission has been acting up for a while and it has 125,000 miles on it. It runs so good but Joey felt like it was time to trade it off before something major happened and then we wouldn't get anything for a trade in. We found a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country and it fit within our designated car budget. It didn't have everything we wanted, but when you buy used cars you can't be too picky. It does have bucket seats in the middle and stow-n-go, which were two prerequisites we had decided on. The dealership is touching up a few chips in the paint so we won't actually have it until tomorrow. We have never had two car payments before until now (Joey bought him a used car three weeks ago), but since we always buy used and shop around for the best deal, we have been able to fit it into our allowable budget. Our cars were ten years old and ready to see another home. Can I say that we feel blessed to even be able to have two cars that run...used or not? We didn't get home Saturday night until 8:45 and we left at 9:00 that morning. I must say Libby did extremely well and fussed maybe five minutes the whole day.

Sunday began with church. Our Sunday School class usually has pretty good discussions and this Sunday was no different. We love our class and are getting to know each couple better. Besides doing a girl's night once a month, we do a family night every other month and are starting next week a once a month play date with any stay at home mom that wants to participate. The first one is at my house and I am excited about getting to know more moms.

Joey's birthday was also yesterday and we topped the evening off with a party for him. He is such a treasure to me and I so much enjoy our talks, our fellowship and our like-mindedness. He said to me that he truly felt loved by all and treasured by us.

We had an action packed last three days and this week will be no exception. I pray your week will be fulfilling, blessed, and full of the presence of the Lord.


THZ said...

Happy Birthday to Joey!