Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heaviness of Heart

Today my heart is heavy. Well, it's been heavy for a few days but I just haven't had the energy to blog about it. There is just so much junk going on around us that sometimes you wonder in your flesh where the Lord is during times of heartache and tragedy. He's still on the throne I know, but it's hard to convey that to people walking through the hardship.

My prayers have been somewhat bleak lately ,if you will, as I have sought the Lord on behalf of those struggling with marriage issues, the loss of a child, sickness, loss of a job, health related concerns...some within my own family. Let me tell you it's spiritually and emotionally draining and can be physically depending on the level of ministry you are willing to undergo for those in need.

My prayers are also one of thanksgiving as well as I thank the Lord for His bountiful provision, His protection, His health, a rock solid marriage, and many more blessings bestowed on our family. There are times when I know we've had our share of junk so I praise the Lord today for a reprieve in the valley.

I came across this verse twice today so I guess I will share it in hopes that it will offer encouragement.

"He hold victory in store for the upright, He is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, for He guards the course of the just and protects the way of His faithful ones." Proverbs 2:7-8

Our God sees and knows all that is going around us and yet He is not taken off guard by any of it. We can rest in His promises that He will take care of us and that this too shall pass.

Also, this verse struck me as I read it.

"If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered." Proverbs 21:13

Now I know this verse means physically poor, but what about those who are poor in spirit and are crying out for hope, for encouragement, for prayer, for physical needs to be met, for someone who cares? Are there times when we shut our ears to their cries?

We are too busy, too drained ourselves emotionally or physically, too prideful, too apathetic to care.

What a time to reach out and minister to those who are hurting, believer or not. Sometimes ministry calls for getting in the trenches and getting dirty, hurt, tired, spent. Other times we can pray, encourage through calls or cards, send a meal, offer to help meet a physical need even if the recipient didn't know they had a need...we just saw it and met it without them asking.

I am telling you it blesses others to know God's people care and are willing to "work" and get involved in their personal lives by doing sometimes simple things. Ask, take notice, be aware of what's going on and do what you can to help.

You will wonder where those people are when you yourselves are walking through a dark valley of your own. Let's be Christ to those around us who are struggling and hurting and let us ask the Lord how we may play a part in blessing them.

And finally pray. Pray for these needs. God knows the's our duty to pray.