Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Think I Would Learn...UGH!

If this morning proved to be a reflection of how the rest of my day was going to be, then I was in trouble.

While loading up the van, I sat Libby in the front seat of the van while I made several trips in the house to grab a few last minute things. Today was my day at the Pregnancy Center and my mom was keeping Libby for me. I proceeded to close the driver's side sliding door and immediately heard a "lock" sound and I knew I was in trouble. She had pushed the automatic lock button on my door so when I closed the sliding door, all the doors locked.

My purse with my keys were in the van.

I have no spare except the one Joey has on his key ring.

Why you ask?

My van has the new fangled key with the keyless entry built into it so you can't just go to Wal-Mart to have a key made...the dealership has to make one for you and since we bought the van used it only came with two keys and they are very expensive to have one made.

Sooooo, I spend 10 minutes trying to tell Libby how how to push the unlock button "UP" instead of "DOWN."

She never figured it out.

I call Joey and tell him my dilemma so he proceeds to leave work to come unlock the van doors with his key. Luckily it's only a 20 minute drive.

What is Libby doing this whole time?

Sitting in my front seat playing with the wiper button, the turn signal, the radio, spilling an almost empty coke can on her pants, all the while telling me "Mamaw's house."

I said, "We can't go to Mamaw's house because you locked me out of the car." "Help you," she said. Which means help me.

She never did unlock the door. Joey had to drive home to unlock the van and luckily for me he wasn't working out of town today which he has been doing more lately. Otherwise a lock smith would have been in order.

Whew...what a stressful morning.

Then....two weeks ago we were in Wal-Mart...the day of the fires.

All is going well.

Libby wanted to stand up in the basket rather than sit in the front which I don't mind so much as she holds on. Well, sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't.

This time was different. Joey and I were walking out to the van and he stopped the buggy...she wasn't holding on and her face hit the top of the buggy. We thought it was just her head, but alas, it was her eye. I picked her up all while blood is coming from her eye. I can't tell from where or how deep. I get a little freaked out as does Joey. We were calm but you know what I mean? I was choked up seeing her cry like that knowing how much it hurt and knowing it could have been prevented. He thinks we might need to take her to the ER for stitches. Once I got the bleeding stopped and she calmed down, we realized it didn't go all the way through the eyelid but just punctured it. It immediately turned black/red. She had a black for a good week. Poor Libby. I felt horrible as did Joey.

So the point to my story is this.

Don't do stupid stuff like this. Think ahead of what could happen, even if it never has. Learn from your mistakes. Don't shut your car door without your keys unless you have a child old enough to know how to unlock the door. Make your child sit down in the buggy.

You catch my drift.

Sooooo, I think I have learned my lesson for a while. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will be smooth sailing for me with no accidents. I have had my share for a while.

Sorry this is long but if you're still with me I know you're loyal friends:)


Lindsay said...

You poor thing! I hate weeks like that!! I promise in a couple years yall will look back on the whole car story and laugh. Although I know it wasnt funny while it was happening! Hopefully Libbys eye is all healed now :( Poor baby!